Women Who Code Twin Cities

Women Who Code Twin Cities

Women Who Code Twin Cities is dedicated to helping women, transgender and non-binary people excel in their technology careers

Did you know that 41% of women leave tech by mid-career?

We’re dedicated to retaining women in the current tech workforce through building awareness of the barriers that keep women from learning and advancing, improving the culture within tech companies and providing women with the support they need to grow their careers. Most companies focus on recruiting within their diversity and inclusion work, but retainment is a huge problem.

Don’t get us wrong, we agree there is a pipeline problem — we need to get remove barriers and generate interest in tech within the younger generations as well. But what good is focusing on the pipeline if it just ends up in a sewer? Improving the existing culture will make tech less hostile and in turn, a more suitable option for younger people to consider when choosing a career path.

Want to find out more about us? Attend one of our upcoming events or check out our website.

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